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April 2, 2010
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Prussia 1525 - 1947 by CaptainImaginary Prussia 1525 - 1947 by CaptainImaginary
Suum cuique
To each his own

I remember it was cold.
And I had just been thrown out by Eliza, she'd been acting strange all evening with her crying.
Not awesome at all.
And then she wouldn't even tell me what was wrong!
She just kept whispering things like "I wish it didn't come to this" and "why do you have to go".
I mean, it's not like I didn't hear her...
Eeeeeveryone thinks I'm some sort of retard, they treat me like I don't understand, they keep me out of things...they don't let me be part of stuff anymore, and they talk in secret about me...
As if I didn't know.

I walked away from her and into the darkness, as I left she could at least have told me "don't get raped". But nooo, because I am a nation and a man, I can't possibly get raped.

It was so cold outside that I even put my arms around my self.
It was weird since it was a spring night, and it should have been warm.
So why was I freezing like that.
I turned right after a while, thinking I'd go to France's place, I was always welcome in Francis's arms.

Then I saw something up ahead.
People, I thought and I was right, but it wasn't just any people, it was America, England, France and Russia.
Almost all of the members of the Alliierter Kontrollrat gathered, only me and my brother where missing.

"Hey!" I shouted as I walked up to them, but as I got closer, I noticed that they looked all kind of... down.
Not even Alfred with all his hero talk, nor Francis with his way of humping anything with a pulse, looked anywhere near happy.

When I got closer, they all turned to look at me.
"What's going on? Why are you all here?" I asked them.

They looked at each other, then down at their shoes before looking at me again.
England was the first one to speak.
"We, eh, came there to see you Gilbert, actually."
He tried making it sound like something jolly, which made it even more sad.

"What for?" I asked.
As if I didn't know.

"We, uh..." Alfred began, but then Russia stepped in to save him.
"We came here because we needed to speak with you, da?"

"Oh, about what? How I'm so awesome?" I asked and put on a grin.

I looked over at Francis, and in the few seconds we made eye contact, I managed to understand what they wanted to speak with me about.
Franics looked away and I could see his tears swelling up as he said:

"I-I can't do this..."

"Franic..." Arthur said but not as harsh as I would have thought.

"I just can't, Arthur... Gilvert... he said without looking at me.
"Mon cher, je suis désolé, je n'ai pas voulu que ceci se produisît..." His voice sort of trailed of before he left.

"Wha-What was that all about?" I asked looking at the others.
I understood what Francis had said...And he knew that.

"I'm sorry my old chap..." England said before he turned and walked after France in a quick paste.

Now there was only me, Alfred and Ivan left.
I sort of knew what was coming, I had known for a long time now.

Suddenly, America spoke, as softly and quiet as he could... I don't know if I was suposed to hear him, but I did.

"I'll do it now...Prussia, I'm sorry... this is the end."

so not awesome

It was in the middle of the night that I heard the loudest noise I've ever heard.
It sounded like a very loud gunshot. The kind Switzerland would use.

I looked down and saw that my shirt was turning red.
I felt nothing. I was stunned.
I looked up and noticed that America and Russia where holding a gun and the barrel was smoking.
It then dawned on me.

It had gone straight through my heart.
They had gotten me with one single bullet. I- I just couldn't believe it.
They had aimed and then shot me.

I fell over, grabbing my chest, which was pointless, I knew, I would never stop the bleeding, But at that moment, I forgot about everything that made sense.

Why would they shoot me? What is going on? What happened
I kept thinking, though I knew it was fruitless.

Suddenly, I felt someone grabbing me by the throat and pushing me up against a wall.

"He's not gone yet." I heard Alfred say.

"Da." I Ivan answer. He was the one holding me steady.

"I...I can't..." Alfred stuttered.

"It's ok, I will take care of the rest." Ivan said, his grip still holding tight.

I heard nothing else after that.
My ears went out. I could only guess that America had left the scene for Ivan looked at me and said something.
I couldn't hear him, but he didn't smile like he used to when he saw blood, so I could only amuse that he wasn't happy.
None of them had seem happy.
That makes me warm inside... or maybe it was just all the blood pumping out of me that made me warm.

The fact that my brother had not shown up, must have meant that either he didn't know... or he did.
I think it might have been the latter, since Hungary knew, then at least West must have expected something.

I could see Russia lips moving... slowly.
I had no idea what he said, and I didn't care.

Soon enough... it wouldn't matter anyway.
I began to feel sleepy.
I had lost my hearing, my feeling and now my brain began to leave me as well.
My eyes became heavy... I had lost everything now... there was nothing left of me.

I might as well fall asleep, just for a while...

So not awesome...

February 25, 1947 the Allied Control Council formally proclaimed the dissolution of Prussia.


Translation notes:

Alliierter Kontrollrat = Allied Control Council

mon cher, je suis désolé, je n'ai pas voulu que ceci se produisît = my dear, I am sorry, I did not want it to come to this

da = yes


And here I go again with another way of writing.
I hope you like it, this sort of "in Prussia's head" type.

And I know, this may be a bit sad...
I kept Listening to Shattered by Trading yesterday where the song begins with:

Yesterday I died
Tomorrow's bleeding
Fall into your sunlight
The future's open wide beyond believing
To know why hope dies

I sugest you go listen to this song NOW and think of Prussia.

And yes there have been to many Prussia pictures lately, but those are the only ones I have at the moment.
I will get new cosplay pictures next week after uppcon, kay?

Hope you like it, I did^^

Photographer: ChibiFie :iconlivewihtstyle:

Russia: Bartimaeus :iconwehavenofaces:

Prussia: Me :iconcaptainimaginary:

Axis Powers Hetalia
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